What is a Goal?

6 Feb

What Exactly Is a “Goal”? A goal is a desired end toward which you direct specific effort. In this context, the “end” is an exact and tangible result you want – one for which you are willing to invest “sweat equity” in order to achieve. The amount and intensity of effort expended is always dependent on the individual, the organization, and the overall importance of the goal.

The three key elements of a goal are:

1. An accomplishment to be achieved.

2. A measurable outcome.

3. A specific date and time by which to accomplish the goal.

Therefore, a goal is a specific, measurable accomplishment to be achieved within a specific time frame. Without these elements, all you have are dreams, hopes, and good intentions that undoubtedly will remain unrealized.

And remember: “A goal is created three times: first, as a mental picture; second, when written down to add clarity and dimension; and third, when you take action toward its achievement.”               http://www.walkthetalk.com

Since most of us are using our own sweat equity to get our products “out there” I thought this was an appropriate short topic for us to think about.   Now, about that mental picture . . .


One Response to “What is a Goal?”

  1. Debbi 02/07/2010 at 7:48 pm #

    Great Post! Very informative 🙂

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