Sassy Sisters in Review

31 Mar

The Sassy Sisters in Sales has grown so much that I do not think everyone is aware of the goodies we have available to us.  Let’s see what I can find.

Amanda Shepard of B’s Purses allows you to design your own purse!  Look what I made:

Arlene Holtz of Spirit Essence Art has original artwork!  Check this out:

Brenda Chesney of Purely Natural Minerals features any kind of mineral face care you may desire, but I found Glitter!!  We all need to sparkle now and then.

Marie Davies of Faery Charming offers a wide array of jewelry, I loved this pair of earrings: 

Morika of Under the New Moon has a plethora of goodies in her shop.  So much fun to browse through, but I found one of my favorite items.  I use this almost every day!  A Celestial Tea strainer with moons and stars!
Well, sisters, this is just a brief review.  I will be adding more later, but in the meantime make sure you update the “Group Business” database in Yahoo so I can find you and show some of your awesome wares!!


One Response to “Sassy Sisters in Review”

  1. Morika 03/31/2010 at 3:16 am #

    Thank you – we have some awfully talented sistahs in this group!! 🙂 Way to go ladies!

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