Creativity: Good for your health?

6 Apr

The winter blahs are slowly rolling away with the arrival of spring.  If you like myself have been going through a sluggish time and your creativity seems to be wavering, here is an article from Everyday Health that will show you the benefits your creativity can have on your health.  

Creativity reduces stress and keeps you healthy.  The article highlights some reasons why creativity is important.

  • It’s enjoyable
  • It stimulates the brain
  • It boosts self-confidence

Read the rest of the article, it will help you to balance work and play and make the most of your creative time.

For the sassy sisters I know that creativity is also work so lets find a way to make them both work for better emotional and financial health.


One Response to “Creativity: Good for your health?”

  1. Teri Landow 04/06/2010 at 10:24 pm #

    FABULOUS!!! I really need to remember this and take the time to create new things, and try new things. And pick up some of my old crafts and try to incorporate them into new pieces. This fall, once Da Boys are in school, and I’m allowed a little bit of time. 😉

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