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Sassy Sisters in Review

7 May
It is time to take another journey through the Sassy Sisters in Sales group to find more great and/or unique items.  Or to at least point out some of the talent in our group!

Bridget of  Japip has such a wide variety of fun it was hard to choose just one item to review, but I have a passion for birds so let’s look at this cute set of coasters.

Great to keep on hand for a hostess gift!

Cara of Discovery Toys has many unique and educational items for our precious little ones (they are our future) so let’s talk teething.

Helps baby learn and grow on the go.

Christina of Mommy’s Sunshine Designs  has all kinds of adorable goodies for your little sunshine!

"Let's Get Physical, Physical!"

Rita of And More Bags has become an icon in the green movement with her reusable snack bags.  She sold out at the last craft fair, but not to worry, she has since restocked!  I love them!  They make awesome gifts.

Stop using plastic bags! Try these.

Teri of The Beaded Branch not only makes gorgeous jewelry and bags, but she is an author of a tutorial for her coveted Past Present Treasures!

Learn to make this lovely pendant yourself!

We have so many new and talents sisters that it is truly a joy to wander through their items in search of fun things to present to you.  I’ll be back with more.  Make sure you have your info in the database so I can find you!!


Sassy Sisters in Review

31 Mar

The Sassy Sisters in Sales has grown so much that I do not think everyone is aware of the goodies we have available to us.  Let’s see what I can find.

Amanda Shepard of B’s Purses allows you to design your own purse!  Look what I made:

Arlene Holtz of Spirit Essence Art has original artwork!  Check this out:

Brenda Chesney of Purely Natural Minerals features any kind of mineral face care you may desire, but I found Glitter!!  We all need to sparkle now and then.

Marie Davies of Faery Charming offers a wide array of jewelry, I loved this pair of earrings: 

Morika of Under the New Moon has a plethora of goodies in her shop.  So much fun to browse through, but I found one of my favorite items.  I use this almost every day!  A Celestial Tea strainer with moons and stars!
Well, sisters, this is just a brief review.  I will be adding more later, but in the meantime make sure you update the “Group Business” database in Yahoo so I can find you and show some of your awesome wares!!

What is a Goal?

6 Feb

What Exactly Is a “Goal”? A goal is a desired end toward which you direct specific effort. In this context, the “end” is an exact and tangible result you want – one for which you are willing to invest “sweat equity” in order to achieve. The amount and intensity of effort expended is always dependent on the individual, the organization, and the overall importance of the goal.

The three key elements of a goal are:

1. An accomplishment to be achieved.

2. A measurable outcome.

3. A specific date and time by which to accomplish the goal.

Therefore, a goal is a specific, measurable accomplishment to be achieved within a specific time frame. Without these elements, all you have are dreams, hopes, and good intentions that undoubtedly will remain unrealized.

And remember: “A goal is created three times: first, as a mental picture; second, when written down to add clarity and dimension; and third, when you take action toward its achievement.”     

Since most of us are using our own sweat equity to get our products “out there” I thought this was an appropriate short topic for us to think about.   Now, about that mental picture . . .