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Creativity: Good for your health?

6 Apr

The winter blahs are slowly rolling away with the arrival of spring.  If you like myself have been going through a sluggish time and your creativity seems to be wavering, here is an article from Everyday Health that will show you the benefits your creativity can have on your health.  

Creativity reduces stress and keeps you healthy.  The article highlights some reasons why creativity is important.

  • It’s enjoyable
  • It stimulates the brain
  • It boosts self-confidence

Read the rest of the article, it will help you to balance work and play and make the most of your creative time.

For the sassy sisters I know that creativity is also work so lets find a way to make them both work for better emotional and financial health.


Win your own Hearts of Fire!

2 Feb

Detail Picture In our first ever Give a Way here at the Sassy Sisters in Sales blog, Christina Strickland is offering this amazing Domestic Diva self-heating heart for one special winner.

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Mini Workouts

25 Jan

So we have entered a new year with a new plan to lose weight, ok maybe not we butknow I have.  How do we fit in workouts?  I decided that I would try to do exercises with what I had at home, since I don’t currently have money or time to join a gym.  This is what I started with: 


I try to do squats while I am on the phone. Sometimes I will do one leg at a time, sometimes a regular squat.  I pretty much look like I am at the top of a hill , getting ready to ski. 


I decided that I should do a few “laps” (for lack of better terms) up and down my stairs for about 10 minutes.  This is still on paper as I haven’t actually done it yet. 

I received a weekly e-letter from Disney Family Parenting and thought I would share this article on mini workouts. has some tips for busy parents on how to introduce mini workouts into your daily schedule.  So I guess I had not come up with a revolutionary new way to work out, experts were a few steps ahead of me.  

 For more tips to eat better, move more and stay connected with friends, visit the dynamic web-community that helps people help each other live a healthier lifestyle.  You could get a subscription the first 10-days are free and then it is just $5/week.

  • Laundry Lunges:

Load the washer one item at a time and do a leg lunge between each item. 

Stand facing the washer with both feet together, put one piece of laundry into the washer and take a big step back with your right leg. 

Keeping your left knee at a 90-degree angle so that your left knee does not come over your toes, lower body straight down into a lunge position with right knee pointing to the ground. Make sure your shoulders are retracted back and avoid leaning forward as you lunge. Press through the left heel to bring yourself back up to starting position. 

Put another piece of laundry in the washer and repeat with the other leg. 

  • Commercial Crunches:

Use those two minutes between programs to work your abs. 

Grab a towel and place it on the ground and lie down on your back. 

Bend your knees, place your feet flat on ground, and place rest your head in your hands. 

Take a deep breath and as you exhale begin to lift your upper body off the ground using your abdominal muscles. 

Only lift to the point where your shoulders are coming off the ground. 

Hold for three seconds and inhale as you release and return to starting position. 

Do as many as you can during the commercial break and repeat during all commercials. 

An hour-long program can have as many as 20 minutes of commercials. 

  • Traffic Tushies:

Stoplights and traffic are a fact of life. 

Make the most of your time by squeezing your glutes when you are stopped in traffic or at a stoplight. 

See if you can hold it until the light turns green or the traffic starts to move. 

  • Waiting Wall Pushups:

You’ve got time on your hands while you wait for the children to finish their activities, so why not try to fit in something for yourself. 

Find the closest wall, and place both hands at shoulder height, stepping bac  

k from the wall (the farther back your feet are, the more challenging this will be). Turn your head to the right and begin to lower your body towards the wall. 

Use your chest and arms to push away from the wall back to starting position. 

  • Tidy Tunes:

It’s time to straighten up the house so why not have some fun and get your heart rate going. 

Pop in your favorite CD with an upbeat tempo and start to dance as you pick up the house. 

See if you can keep moving for the duration of each song. Before you know it you’ll have a tidy house and burned lots of calories. 

  • Calf Raise Cooking: Dinner preparation time is a great chance to work in some lower leg movement.

Whether standing by the sink or the stove, you can do calf raises by standing with your feet together about hip width apart. To start, stand tall and squeeze your abs for balance. Begin to raise your heels off the ground so that you are standing on the balls of your feet. 

Hold for three seconds and lower to starting position. When you are ready for a greater challenge try doing this on one foot at a time. 

 For more of this article visit

Practicing Healthier Habits in 2010

14 Jan

As I was reading through the Everyday Health website and found some tips to a healthier new you that I would like to share .   Good health can be in body, mind and spirit, try to find things that will nurture all these areas in your life. Everyday Health is a great source of information for health issues conserning the whole family.

Manage Stress Better

Stress as you may know can be really taxing on you and for some it can be harmful.  Being proactive about how you will handle stress may be the key.  Come up with a plan on how you will handle stress.  You wont be prepared for everything that arises and that is ok, but along the process you will learn more about yourself and possible about techniques that may make the experience a little less stressful.  Get regular excercise. 

Be more active

Take up a dance class.   Take a walk.  Join a yoga or excercise class; for added motivation join with a friend.  Instead of meeting for drinks , go bowling.  Utilize what is in your home if you do not have access to a gym.  Go up and down the stairs a couple of times.  Use your wall as a resistance and do some standing push ups.  No weights, no problem, a few cans of can goods or bottles of detergent should do the trick.  Remember the key is in repetition.  You may not want to stop and workout for 30 – 45 minutes; however you can take three to five 10 minute breaks and work out.  Before you know it you would have exercised almost an hour.  The important thing is to get moving.

Improve your dietary habits

I don’t mean go on a diet but learn to eat better.  Substituting whole grains for processed flours.  Low calorie drinks over drinks with high sugar contents. Consume high-fiber foods. Eat foods high in antioxidants.

Set fewer goals

By setting fewer goals you can give quality time to the goals that you do set.  You wont become overwhelmed or stressed because you did not get to complete your goals

Learn Something new

I gather that keeping the mind fresh , will in turn keep you fresh and young.  So take up something you have never done before. Maybe a healthy cooking class. Get you spouse and sign up for a dance class or maybe pottery; maybe you could recreate the scene from “Ghost”.  Expand your horizons and learn something new

Sassy cookie swap

5 Dec

Since most of the members at The Sassy Sisters in Sales don’t live close together and are friends and business associates only through the internet, we devised a new form of office cookie swap.

Instead of each sister bringing her favorite cookie to the office and taking some from other sisters, we are sharing our favorite product and our businesses with each other.

Each participating sister will leave her cookie here on the blog for all to sample, then she’ll take everyone else’s cookie and post it on her own blog or to her own list of viewers.

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