Welcome to the Sisterhood! We are a supportive group of women business owners & shoppers.

If you would like to join us as a business: *You need to be in business for yourself in some capacity.

Owner, partner, affiliate, rep. They all count here!

*In your 1st month, you will need to make an initial purchase with the gal who referred you to us. After that, feel free to purchase from whomever you choose every 2 months.

If you found us on your own, then we ask that your initial purchase be from the owner or our Spotlight Business.

*We need to see at least ONE POST per member per week. That way we know you still want to be a part of our family. If this sounds good to you, please join us – we’d love to have you!

 We are striving to make this group as unique as possible. Therefore, we are limiting the number of reps to 2 per company & approximately 5-6 per product type. The owners have final say as to who is approved based on the uniqueness of products offered by each individual.

 If you would like to join & your company is already represented, we encourage you to join as a shopper until a spot opens up for your business.

Why join the Sisterhood?: incredible women to learn & purchase from, the feeling of being a part of a sister-hood, all kinds of opportunities to promote your products, shopping parties, game nights, support, motivation and SO much more. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please apply for membership. We’d love to have you! Hugs! Debbi – the Owner

The Sassy Sisters in Sales group forum is currently hosted by Yahoo Groups.

To join, click on the link below and follow the join proceedures. You’ll recieve a couple of emails with further information and a request for your details.

The Sassy Sisters in Sales forum

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