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Blog visibility

27 Apr

I came across a blog, Moms wear your Tees, she was reviewing a blog tool to give your blog more visibility.

Blog Buzzer is a FREE easy to use tool that helps authors of blogs get their work noticed. Most blog entries are found by other internet users through search engines and blog related directories, Blog Buzzer will automatically send your blog to these directories and search engines for you. BlogBuzzer  pings your blog for FREE, for those on a restricted marketing budget, this is great.  All you need to do, go to BlogBuzzer.com and put in your blog name and address.  It is that simple!

They also have a premium account which will automatically update your ping status.  The premium account was only $9.00 for a year.  I thought this was a great price , so I signed up .  I am hoping this investment will pay off to make my blog more visible.

Hope this is helpful to getting your blog to be more visible.  Here are some more free tips for getting your blogs noticed.